Festival Photography Policy

There are Festival Photographers, whose photos will be posted at the Registration booth.  THEY ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ALLOWED TO TAKE PICTURES/VIDEOS ON THE GROUNDS.  They should ask for permission when taking any pictures/videos and get sign-off using a photo release form.

Taking photographs and video by anyone else is strictly prohibited.  Stickers will be available at the Registration booth to put over devices with photographic- or video-capabilities, including cell phones and tablets. Drones are not allowed at this event.

Vendor Policy

Empire Haven designates outdoor space in a high-traffic area for the purpose of allowing vendors of materials, goods, and services to set up and sell their products and/or disseminate information to our guests.

Empire Haven reserves the right to determine what acceptable material for dissemination or sale is. Vendors MUST have prior permission and be paid in full before they can set up their vendor space. Permission to continue such activity may be withdrawn at any time, at the discretion of the Empire Haven without refund to the vendor.

The vendor fee MUST be paid in full prior to set up. 

Vendors must provide their own tent, tables, chairs and other display equipment. There’s an additional $25 charge for electric at the vendor space.  Individual vendor space should be limited to approximately 12 square feet. Additional space may be requested if available and appropriate. Security is solely the responsibility of the vendor. Empire Haven may not be held responsible for either merchandise or display gear that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

COVID-19 Policy

Per information provided by the Cayuga County Health Department, there are no current COVID restrictions.