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Welcome to SENTIENT Fest 2022!

We employ the teaching, guidance and employment of SOCIAL CONSENT strategies as well as a clear CODE OF CONDUCT with anti-harassment policies for ALL of those attending our event – be it our guides, facilitators, volunteers, food service, musicians, vendors and anyone on the grounds for just a few minutes or for the duration of the retreat. *ALL Attendees will be required to sign off on viewing an instructional video on the event rules beginning in 2022.

We employ a trained staff of volunteers that we call the C.C.C. (Courageous Compassionate Comrades). They are quite visible in their orange vests and many have said they look like naked crossing guards! Their detailed training includes receiving, documenting and listening to anyone on the grounds who may have experienced a breech of their own boundaries or have observed any questionable behaviors. A confidential report will be taken and depending on the severity of the grievance- certain steps will be taken to quickly resolve the issue.

We take these extra measures so that we can provide the backdrop as well as the array of choices for you to have a most unique and memorable stay with us. Hundreds of volunteer hours of joy, sweat effort and responsibility go into the setting the stage for you. Our intention remains to bring this vital, ethical and expansive Body Justice festival to the global community for years to come!

Please keep these simple tenets in mind:

Much thanks to everyone involved in the continuing success of our event!


PARTICIPATION: We ask that you come ready and willing to participate in the workshops, amenities and activities. It’s perfectly normal to feel shy, introverted or quiet when adjusting to this new experience. Attending an event such as SENTIENT Fest takes an enormous level of common sense and a tiny bit of courage.

COHESION: Cohesion means connecting with others in the spirit of honor and respect. this most often occurs when a person doesn’t feel pressure or having their personal space invaded as well as being able to experience the event at their own pace.

NUDITY DOES NOT EQUAL SEX: At SENTIENT Fest we are most effective a normalizing ethical, enjoyable and rejuvenating clothing optional experiences when there is an absence of threats, unwelcome advances, pressure, lingering, gawking or harassment.

AWARENESS: Please come to the event with the goal of resisting public inebriation. For some attendees – the use of alcohol may seem to help with mingling and socializing. While responsible drinking is allowed (no bottles please), VISIBLE INTOXICATION IS NOT! For smokers: vaping and cigarette smoking are only allowed in DESIGNATED smoking areas. Marijuana use on the grounds at this time is PROHIBITED.

VULNERABILITY: Our lives outside of this event may be quite opposite from spending time at a liberating, clothing optional retreat. Being without clothing can be akin to removing armor as well as a lifetime of cultural programming. In its best form – this can lead to a powerful understanding of both empowerment and vulnerability.

ATTRACTION: At SENTIENT Fest, it is not against the rules to be attracted to someone or to enjoy the potential for enjoyable platonic/personal relations. However, acting upon those feelings and impulses WITHOUT SOCIAL CONSENT or compassion can lead to misinterpretations of your motives as well as the possibility of being reported or removed from the event.

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