Expanding Ethical Naked Culture!

SENTIENT FESTIVAL DATES ARE July 28th to August 2nd of 2020!

Brian and Petra’s intentions include but also reach beyond the usual Nudist/Naturist dichotomy to one that embraces an array of life affirming body perspectives and ethically based activities.

The 2019 Festival was a great example of this – with a diverse blend of seasoned facilitators and attendees along with an array of new Keynote Speakers, performers, workshop providers and activities like “Naked in the Air” (a historic first for our Festival) – there was a wide array of activities to pick from (over 150 activities over 6 days!) As with any leadership change – growing pains will occur – and we always welcome your input as to how we can improve and what YOU can do to effect the changes you want to see.

We want to thank Just Naked NYC for allowing us to use their principles for SENTIENT Fest!

Our Festival attracts the most incredible people under the most amazing (primarily) clothes free environment. We take great effort to create intentional, safe containers where our attendees can move at their own pace without undue pressure or harassment from individuals that don’t understand these concepts listed here. Our issues on a person to person basis have been few and far between but part of that is due to the fact that we are constantly in a state of observance, guiding and setting forth the standards and rules to your freedom.

For our Facilitators/Workshop Providers or any participant in the Festival: If you are found to be using your position as a power advantage (sexually, financially, emotionally, physically or spiritually) over any of our attendees YOU WILL BE REMOVED!

Participation: At our Festival we pride ourselves on having our attendees choose rest or rejuvenation as well as privacy or community! We ask that you are fully engaged and aware of your own self and others at all times during our Festival. Yes, getting naked is an experience in and of itself, but please arrive with curiosity and the energy to participate in the event. It may take some courage to come forward and mingle without clothing or to participate in a class or workshop sans clothing. Being shy is fully acceptable but staring, leering and gawking will result in an escort out of the Festival. Another facet of participation is arriving with a clear mind. While responsible BYOB (please no glassware outside your campsite) is allowed, visible intoxication is not! For smokers – vaping and smoking are allowed in designated smoking areas.

Vulnerability: This Principle arose from the need to clarify the subjectivity of being naked. A woman going topless publicly, however legal it might be, is likely to arouse a negative response from most crowds. For this reason, we accept that a woman’s edge of vulnerability might mean wearing clothing at our events (except for the pools and sauna area). For men, we invite you to discover your edge of vulnerability in other ways. Perhaps you cross your arms during conversation? Uncross your arms to feel what that’s like. Maybe you’re afraid of looking stupid when you dance? Attend our dancing events (Silent Sentience, Trance Dance, Nightly drum circles) to explore that fear and move beyond it. If you do not identify with the male or female archetypes, or are a transitioning gender, please do whatever suits your needs. Our ambassadors and Festival 2.0 Committee are knowledgeable about these experiences and eager to help you.

Cohesion: For Just Naked and Sentient Fest, Cohesion means connecting with others in the spirit of openness and respect. When we do this collectively, we create social unity. In this unity, we are most effective at normalizing naked within the local and global communities. If you are here to pursue sex at any cost and insist on making others uncomfortable you will be asked to leave. Respect means treating others how they would like to be treated not by pushing a one sided agenda on your part. By crossing unspoken boundaries or pursuing to exploit attendees for your own desires you are doing the opposite of creating social unity. In this case if it is brought to our attention that you are making others uncomfortable with your behaviors – you will be asked to leave.

Erections: Men, if you feel yourself getting an erection in public view, please know that this is a very normal bodily function; however, we are trying to uncouple and distinguish the difference between nudity and explicit sexuality (and yes, it’s possible!). We ask that you become aware of your arousal, take a moment to yourself to celebrate the fact you are human and then to please excuse yourself until your fire cools. We don’t want to shame any erections, but at the same time we want to be respectful to others in the group.

Cruise Control: Cruising means looking for a date or sex. There are some circumstances when the following behaviors might be appropriate at a platonic event, but this is not likely to be the case between two people who barely know each other. We suggest that you err on the side of caution if you have any doubt. If you are the recipient of unwanted attention, please immediately inform Empire Haven management, Festival Directors (Brian Leonard or Petra Stone) and/or ask the person to stop.

You might be perceived as a cruiser/creeper/gawker if you do any of the following:

*follow an attendee around the festival

*pursuing an attendee for their contact information

*mentioning specific sex acts with something obviously not interested

*enter someone’s camping area without permission stare at a person’s body during conversation

* touching one’s self inappropriately anywhere on the Festival grounds

A message from the Ambassador!

Hello to All,

As we move closer to going to press with our schedule for the revitalized NENF 2019 – we have to keep up our awareness around unjust censorship at all times.

At anytime, this page and our Facebook group pages may be barred from posting, banned or removed without notice.

We have always had a mandate for remaining fully public to reduce shame for sharing our ethical naked lifestyle choice.

I will attempt to continue to share crucial touch points and critical voices and resources for today’s movement for as long as possible! Feel free to find us on Twitter and Instagram under “Sentient Fest”. We also have a resource page on FB under “Naked Diversity” and “F.E.A.R. Council of CNY”.

Brian Leonard